Giving directions, street and car vocabulary

Giving Directions

Here are some sample phrases and expressions to use in giving directions in English.

(First,) go down this street (for ____ blocks).
(Then,) turn left/right at the traffic light.
(After that,) go straight on _____ Street until you get to the ______.
(When you get to the _____,) turn left/right again.
(Then,) stay on_______Avenue for about _______ yards/meters.
It’s on your left, next to the __________. You can’t miss it.

1. Excuse me. Is there a supermarket around here?2. Can you tell me how to get to Reggio Emilia?

3. Where’s The Book Shop?

4. How do you get to the post office?

Yeah. There’s one right across the street. Sorry. I don’t live around here.

It’s on the corner of Pine street and Hemlock street. Next to the library.

Go straight down this street for two blocks. Turn left when you get to Maple Street. Stay on Maple for half a block. It’s on the left hand side.



Go straight. Vai diritto.
Turn left. Gira a sinistra.
Turn right. Gira a destra.
to the left alla sinistra
to the right alla destra
straight ahead sempre diritto
next to accanto a
in front of davanti a
in back of dietro
near (to) vicino a
far (from) lontano da
north nord
south sud
east est
west ovest

Street and car words

accident un incidente
all routes/ directions tutte le direzioni
bypass road un tangenziale
dead end strada senza uscita
diesel il diesel
driver l’autista
gas la benzina
gas station un distributore di benzina
highway un’autostrada
lane una corsia
lights i fari
no parking vietato parcheggiare
no stopping vietata la sosta
one way senso unico
pedestrian il pedonale
pedestrian crosswalk le strisce pedonali
rush hour l’ ora di punta
speed limit il limite di velocità
stop stop
traffic lights il semaforo

car hood il cofano
radio la radio
rearview mirror lo specchietto
seatbelt la cintura di sicurezza
steering wheel il volante
tire la gomma/il pneumatico
trunk il bagagliaio
windshield la parabrezza
windshield wipers i tergicristalli

Useful Driving Verbs


to pass/overtake  sorpassare

to slow down  rallentare

to yield  dare la precedenza

to get a ticket  prendere una multa

to give a ticket  dare una multa

to pull over to the side of the road  accostare

to get gas  fare la benzina

to fill it up  fare il pieno

to hitchhike  fare l’autostop

to park  parcheggiare

to turn  girare

to drive  guidare

to travel  viaggiare

to cross  attraversare

to go  andare

to buckle your seat belt  allacciare la cintura di sicurezza



Prepositions of Place: at, in, on

In general, we use:

at for a POINT


on for a SURFACE

at in on
at the corner in the garden on the wall
at the bus stop in London on the ceiling
at the door in France on the door
at the top of the page in a box on the cover
at the end of the road in my pocket on the floor
at the entrance in my wallet on the carpet
at the crossroads in a building on the menu
at the front desk in a car on a page

Look at these examples:

Rose is waiting for you at the bus stop.

The supermarket is at the end of the street.

My plane stopped at Dubai and Hanoi and arrived in Bangkok two hours late.

When will you arrive at the bank?

Do you work in a book store?

I have a meeting in California.

Do you live in Rome?

Jupiter is in the Solar System.

The author’s name is on the cover of the book.

There are no prices on this menu.

You are standing on my foot.

There was a “no smoking” sign on the wall.

I live on the 6th floor at 21 Lincon Street in  New York.

Notice the use of the prepositions of place at, in and on in these standard expressions:

at in on
at home in a car on a bus
at work in a taxi on a train
at school in a helicopter on a plane
at university in a boat on a ship
at college in a lift (elevator) on a bicycle, on a motorbike
at the top in the newspaper on a horse, on an elephant
at the bottom in the sky on the radio, on television
at the side in a row on the left, on the right
at reception in Oxford Street on the way