boring,  short,  old,  light, hot,  poor, old,  warm,



1.   People can be tall or_________

2.   A book can be interesting or ___________

3.A family can be rich or ____________

4.   A bag can be heavy or ____________

5. Weather can  be cool or ___________

6.   Water can be cold or _____________

7.   A car can be new or ______________

8.   A teacher can be young or __________

difficult, ugly, narrow, messy, strong, stupid, light, bad



1.   News can be good or ____________

2.    A girl can be weak or ___________

3.    A man can be clever or __________

4.    A woman can be beautiful ________

5.   Roads can be wide or ____________

6.    Night can be dark or ____________

7.    English test can be easy _________

8.    A room can be tidy or ____________

wet, big, full, hard, down, cheap, low, hardworking



1.    Problems can be small or ______________

2.   A box can be empty or _______________

3.    Toys can be expensive or _____________

4.   Hair can be dry or ______________

5.   A building can be high or____________

6.  A student can be lazy or  ____________

7.  We can go up or ____________

8.   A chair can be soft or___________


slow,  happy,  safe, inside, dirty, sick,  wrong, long, thin



1.   Shoes can be clean or ____________

2. A pencil can be short or ___________

3.  A question can be right or __________

4. Children can be outside or __________

5. A child can be healthy or ___________

6. An animal can be fast or ___________

7.  A baby can be sad or ______________

8.  Sport can be dangerous or __________

9.   A man can be fat or ___________


Adjectives  –  Opposites

Alive    dead

Beautiful    ugly

Big    small

Bitter    sweet

Cheap    expensive

Clean    dirty

Curly    straight

Difficult    easy

Good    bad

Early    late

Fat    thin

Full    empty

Hot    cold

Happy    sad/unhappy

Hardworking    lazy

Modern    traditional

New    old

Nice    nasty

Intelligent    stupid

Interesting    boring

Light    heavy

Polite    rude/impolite

Poor    rich

Quiet    noisy

Right    wrong

Safe   dangerous

Short    long

Small    big

Soft    hard

Single    married

True    false

Well    ill/unwell

White    black