La metodologia di insegnamento “Diving into English with Sally”, segue una impostazione tradizionale per quel che riguarda le basi grammaticali e sintattiche con l’utilizzo di supporti multimediali audio e video, che integrano il manuale personalmente da me elaborato. L'insegnamento viene quanto più possibile personalizzato in modo che ogni partecipante al corso si senta al proprio agio e possa trovare la sua giusta dimensione.

Reviews - Recensioni

What Sally's students say - Cosa dicono gli studenti di Sally

Annarita Bergianti

HR specialist, coach and professional trainer & Social Media Specialist

Sally è un'ottima insegnante, che riesce a personalizzare i percorsi a seconda degli interessi dell'allievo e degli obiettivi specifici che si pone. Le lezioni sono sempre interessanti ed interattive e i risultati assicurati.

Antonio Cardace

Associate Account Strategist  presso Google

Sally is the best English teacher I've ever had. She helped me to improve my speaking fluency, grammar and vocabulary. Without her help I could have never gotten my dream job. Thank you very much for helping me to improve my English.

Roberta Iori

I recommend to you all, to Diving into English with Sally!!She possesses the skills that makes your learning effective and proficient: she knows how to blend her deep knowledge of the English language, with passion, creativity and enthusiasm. As a result, she can perfectly tailor her classes on every student’s goals. Don’t miss the chance to take a course with her. You won’t regret it!!

Emanuele Pimpini 

Controller Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Roma

I took some english lessons with Sally in order to improve my speaking fluency and strengthen my grammar. Sally started up a learning project focused on my real needs and got the best outcome that I could imagine. I appreciated moreover her flexibility in setting a timetable feasible with my working task. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Tiziana Tirelli -  coordinatrice educativa

Sally? Professionalità, disponibilità, correttezza, competenza e simpatia!
Cosa chiedere di più?
High School Student - Martina Bonacini

 I took some English lessons with Sally and now I can say that she is the best English teacher in the world. She has helped me with grammar lessons and to improve my speaking fluency in English with fun and creativity! Thank you so much Sally!

Lorenzo Corsini - Quality and Safety Officer 

Since i started attending English classes online with Sally, my English has improved a lot.  She has been able to correct many of the mistakes stuck in my mind providing customized lessons. Each lesson is different from the others depending on the lacks you have, but most important they are never boring. She tries to touch every point in order to understand where you need to be strenghtened, and if you would like to study at home, she gives to you a lot of useful material and links to use. She is a very kind and sunny person, who works with passion because she likes her job, for this reason, I have never seen Sally bored or frustated while giving lessons. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into English with Sally!

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 Article THE

The Definite Article  

Song for Sally

Sally è la mia teacher di Andrea Mangone

Diving into English song

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