Phrasal Verbs

Native speakers of English tend to use phrasal verbs in everyday conversation.

NON-separable verbs : the preposition MUST follow the main verb.

Separable verbs : the preposition may or may not follow the main verb.

Remember that separable phrasal verbs using a pronoun as the object of the verb MUST be separated (I brought them up NOT I brought up them).

A Ask out Ask someone to go on a date
B Bring about cause
Bring up 1) rear children 2) mention or introduce a topic
C Call back Return a telephone call
Call in Ask to come to an official place for a special reason
Call off cancel
Call on 1) visit 2) ask a student a question in class
Call up Call on the telephone
Catch up (with) Reach the same position or level as someone
Check in Register at a hotel
Check into investigate
Check out 1) borrow a book from a library 2) investigate
Cheer up Make (someone) feel happier
Clean up Make clean and orderly
Come across Find by chance
Cross out Draw a line through
Cut out Stop an annoying activity
D Do over repeat
Drop by Visit informally
Drop in (on) Visit informally
Drop off Leave something/someone somewhere
Drop out (of) Stop going to school or class
F Figure out Find the answer by logic
Fill out Complete a form
Find out Discover information
Get along (with) To have a good relationship with
Get back (from) 1) return from somewhere 2) receive again
Get in, get into 1) enter a car 2) arrive
Get off Leave any vehicle
Get on Enter any vehicle
Get out of 1) leave a car 2) avoid some unpleasant activity
Get over Recover from an illness
Get through finish
Get up Arise from bed, a chair etc.
Give back Return something to someone
Give up Stop doing something
Go over Review or check
Grow up Become an adult
H Hand in Submit an assignment
Hang up 1) Stop a telephone conversation 2) put up clothes on a line or a hook
Have on Wear
K Keep out (of) Not enter
Keep up (with) Stay at the same position or level
Kick out (of) Force (someone) to leave
L Look after Take care of
Look into Investigate
Look out (for) Be careful
Look over Review or check
Look up Look for information in a reference book
M Make up 1) invent 2) do past work
N Name after Give a baby the name of someone else
P Pass away Die
Pass out 1) distribute 2) lose consciousness
Pick out Select
Pick up 1) go to get someone 2) take in one’s hand
Point out Call someone’s attention to
Put away Remove to an appropriate place
Put back Return to original position
Put off Postpone
Put on Dress
Put out Extinguish a cigarette, fire
Put up with Tolerate
R Run into Meet by chance
Run across Find by chance
Run out (of) Finish a supply of something
S Show up Appear, come to
Shut off Stop a machine, equipment, light etc.
T Take after Resemble
Take off 1) remove clothing 2) leave on a trip 3) leave the ground (aeroplane)
Take out 1) take someone on a date 2) remove
Take over Take control
Take up Begin a new activity
Tear down Demolish, reduce to nothing
Tear up Tear into many little pieces
Think over Consider
Throw away Discard; get rid of
Throw out Discard; get rid of
Throw up Vomit
Try on Put on clothing to see if it fits
Turn down Decrease volume
Turn in 1) submit classwork 2) go to bed
Turn off Stop a machine, equipment, light etc.
Turn on Start a machine, equipment, light etc.
Turn out Extinguish a light
Turn up Increase volume or intensity